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Mantra is a set of powerful words which when recited or chanted with the method prescribed has power of connecting one to the higher level of consciousness. It is the key, which unlocks the mysteries of the universe, manifests and channelises the divine energy from higher dimensions. It is a tool to quickly, swiftly and smoothly take you to deeper meditative state.


Guru Mantra is the Mantra, which a Guru (spiritual master) would receive from his Gurus on some special occasions with instructions of how to use with authority to pass on to his disciples. This is given only when the time is ripe for the large amount of people to be initiated in the path of the Guru and the rapid spiritual progress of humanity is to take place. Once the Guru initiates his disciples in chanting of the Mantra and disciples continue to do so sincerely and as directed by the Guru, the power of Mantra grows exponentially.

A person, who takes up a cause and wants to spread his message, generally begins with a small set of people who share the common concern and on whom he has influence. He gains their confidence by working for the cause and later these people who believe in his cause work for the cause as well as influence many so as they too take up the cause. As more people take up this cause and movement as well as the commitment of the individual towards the cause is constantly reinforced.

In the same way Guru passes on the Mantra to few of his disciples who are sincere and have full faith in the Guru. When they chant the Mantra the power of Mantra is multiplied and reinforced and the Mantra becomes stronger. As disciple sees the result of the Mantra he influences many people and all of them chanting regularly further reinforce the Mantra. So with each day a Guru Manta becomes more powerful. This is called self-reinforcing Mantra (Swayam Siddha)


The Mantra given to Swami Shivkrupandji by his Gurus is as follows.

Ohm Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Namo Namaha

The literal meaning of the Mantra is " I bow down to the lotus feet of Shivkrupanand Swami".

The inner meaning is the name Shivkrupanand Swami is not the name of the physical body but represents the energy of Swamiji's Gurus which is channelised though his body. Thus a disciple when chants the above Mantra surrenders completely to the supreme reality and can easily get connected with the universal life force energy. Or higher reality. Swamiji says that I do not have any existence of my own and my body is only an instrument through which the energy of my Gurus is channelised.

Thus anyone chanting this Mantra with devotion and love would experience the great sense of energy, as he too becomes the channel of universal life force energy.

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One set of Mantra is repeating the Mantra three times in a row as follows:

  1. First time word " Ohm" is chanted for a long time
               Ohm…………Shree. Shivkrupanand Swami Namo Namaha
  2. Second time word " Shree" is chanted for a long time
               Ohm Shree………….. Shivkrupanand Swami Namo Namaha
  3. Third time both the words "Ohm" as well as "Shree" are chanted for a long time.
               Ohm…………Shree……….. Shivkrupanand Swami Namo Namaha
(Please listen to the chanting by Swamiji in the Online experience page of this website)

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The chanting of Mantra as described above awakens kundalini. The first chant purifies the left Nadi (meridian) or "Chandra Nadi". The second chant purifies right or "Surya Nadi" and the third one purifies the central Nadi or Sushumna. Kundalini awakened by the Mantra travels from Muladhara to Sahastrar.

Requesting the Lord All mighty for Awakening of Kundalini should follow three sets of this Mantra. Meditation should be the next step, in which the attention is focused on top of the head and observe the vibrations in the body.

Thus anyone irrespective of religion, cast , creed or color can chant as above and get benefits at physical, mental and spiritual levels. This can taught to others once the person himself practices and experiences the benefits.

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The chanting of Mantra purifies all seven Chakras and the effects on various chakras is as follows:

  1. Ohm ............Muladhaara (end of the spine)
  2. Shree..........Swadhisthan (pubic area)
  3. Shiva...........Nabhi (Naval area)
  4. Krupananda.....Heart
  5. Swami..........Vishuddhi (throat)
  6. Namo...........Agya (between eyebrows)
  7. Namaha.........Sahastrar (top of the head)

Thus this powerful Mantra not only raises kundalini through the central channel but also purifies all chakras and three nadis so that one can easily get into a state of thoughtlessness during meditation.

Once you become sensitive you can experience it yourself.

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His Gurus on a Guru purnima celebration (full moon day) gave this Mantra to Swamiji at Navsari, on 5th of July 2001. Swamiji communicated this Mantra to a force of 2000 strong devotees on that day. All the devotees chanting this Mantra together generated tremendous vibrations and helped in establishing (Siddha), reinforcing and increasing the power Mantra. Then onwards the power of Mantra is increasing manifolds everyday. Currently more then 80,000 people all over the world are using this Mantra.

Swamiji started using this Mantra from his workshop at Cardiff, UK during 12to 19 the July 2001 which comprises of 50% non- Indians and the result were amazing. Simple chanting of Mantra could send people in deep meditation.

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People all over the world have irrespective of religion, cast, creed, color or sex has experienced the power of Guru Mantra. Since this Mantra is now very simple and the method of awakening is greatly simplified, anyone who wishes to progress in the spiritual path derives great benefit by chanting the Mantra as shown.

Swamiji along with his ten disciples had been to Glastonbury in UK. Glastonbury is considered as a high-energy place and healers from all over the world come to that place for meeting. There is a monument on top of the hill called "Tor" where he went along with his disciples. Swamiji decided to sit for Meditation and there he met some Japanese Tourists who too were interested in meditation. They sat down along with the group. The chanting of Mantra in three sets as described above was performed and the tourists who could not even pronounce Mantra had wonderful experiences. One of them felt energy moving up the spine. Another felt that bright light had moved up his spine and saw a star on top of his head. All of them could experience a state of thoughtlessness and inner peace.

Another experience is that of Shri Patel who had been to Saudi Arabia, where his Moslem friend, Mr. T out of curiosity asked him what was he doing. Patel explained about the Mantra and when his friend chanted along with him, could feel strong vibrations all over the body. He could feel inner peace and experience for the first time in his life a " state of thoughtlessness." His sister Ms A too wanted to learn about Mantra and when taught could very quickly get in to deep state of meditation and at peace with herself and many of her physical problems were solved. They initiated two more people in the same way.

Ms Wendy, a spiritual healer in Brighton has a camera to record the Aura of a person. One has to put both palms on a plate and the camera would record the Aura. She took one Aura photograph of Swamiji, which was full of golden yellow color. She also took her own photograph. She was taught Mantra and she recited as directed. A second Aura photograph of her was then taken. To her surprise there was distinct improvement in her Aura and energy fields. both qualitatively and quantitatively. She has requested Swamiji to teach this to her students in Brighton.

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Many people have experienced the great power of Mantra. On gurupurnima day before giving GuruDiksha, Swamiji had decided to share his punyakarma (fruits of his good deeds) between his disciples.

This is a last birth of Swamiji, and he does not want to take next birth to enjoy the fruits of his Punya karma and hence he is distributing the same to all the people who have taken GuruDiksha. Bhagwat Geeta says that the meditation is better then Knowledge and it is renunciation of Karma fala (Fruits of Karma) which is superior then meditation (Chapter 12). That is what he has done on that day. Other wise this Punyakarma would have been obstacle for his liberation in the current birth. And hence he has distributed his good Karma to all his disciples.

  1. On the other hand the advantage for the disciple due to the Punyakarma given by Swamiji, would nullify the bad karma and effects of past so that the path to Moksha and Nirvana for his disciples is now opened up. Thus Disciples are achieving higher spiritual level then before as they have become totally one with Guru.
  2. Just as you can make many clones from one body in the same way by distributing his good karma among the disciples he has make everyone very strong. The Mantra was made powerful due to such strong disciples who recited it repeatedly. That is the reason why there is so much power in that Mantra.
  3. While doing this Swamiji has prayed for every soul who wanted Moksha or Nirvana on Guru purnima day. That is why he has said that when he would go to Canada the whole world will be engulfed in his Aura

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This Mantra has been evolved to spread his work of meditation very rapidly all over the world. Now it is very simple and easy to walk on the path of Dhyan yoga (meditation).

  1. Sit comfortably preferably cross-legged on the floor
  2. Light a lamp in front of Swamiji's photograph. You can use his photograph in the home page.
  3. Chants the Mantra in three sets as given above with the attention on top of the head.
  4. Make an intense wish for awakening own kundalini by keeping hands out-stretched with palm facing upwards in the receiving position with full faith and it will be granted. One will experience vibrations in palm indicating the awakening of Kundalini and one's mind will become thoughtless. Depending upon the spiritual level of individual various experiences would take place. Some may feel warmth in the palms. Some may experience tingling or some would experience flow of cold vibrations.
  5. Sit with the eyes closed and attention on top of the head for about ten minutes

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